Play Golf to Stay Healthy and Happy

Golf is not only an exciting game, but it comes with loads of health benefits as well. As all forms of exercises and other sports, golf also helps in your overall mental and physical well being. It is known to be good for your heart and helps you burn calories. A large number of adults all over the world play and enjoy this sport. A typical game of a round of golf makes you walk around five to seven kilometres. Religiously playing around three to five times a week increases your endurance and protects your heart.

Golf has a whole lot of health benefits. This quiz provided by Health IQ will help you learn more about it. For starters, making it a point to play with your friends once a while highly boosts your morale and helps your mental wellbeing. It is a social event and gives you a chance to interact and socialise with people. This is great for reducing stress and anxiety. Moreover, it makes you mentally more alert along with increasing your physical fitness. As an exercise, it helps you lose weight by burning calories and increases your stamina. This highly improves your immunity and makes you stronger from inside and outside. It is a fun way to work out while enjoying. Golf stimulates your brain and makes sure you get enough mental exercise too. This increases the blood supply in your brain and helps it function better. Good exercise helps you sleep better as well, thereby controlling insomnia.

Exercise is an important step to stay healthy and happy, and golf is an interesting way to do it. It is a game which is really easy to learn, though not possible to master. The risk of injuries and falling are really low, making it a safe game. It is not rough or rash in any way, so you do not have to worry about hurting yourself. For more about golf and other exercises, follow